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Testimonial – Chris Brown

I contacted Mr. Johnson a few months before we decided to put our house on the market. He was nice enough to come out and talk with us and do a walk through. At the time my wife and I had already purchased our new home and we were trying to figure out if we wanted to keep the property as a rental or sell it. Chris assured us that the market was right and the time to sell was now. We knew we wanted to do a few updates before we sold the home and he helped us decide where we could maximize our return on the investment. 6 weeks later the home was on the market and and we began entertaining bids. Although the offers were fair and followed the typical “20% under the asking price” Chris assured us that he would find the right buyer. Well, time went by and a few deals fell apart but through his diligence and professionalism he found us 2 qualified buyers at the same time. They both wanted the home and the person who bought it ending up paying $20,000 more than the appraisal. They got the house and we got our price, now that’s a good deal for everyone.
There’s a reason Chris Johnson’s name always pops up when buying and selling residential real estate. The man is a true professional who gets results. If your even remotely thinking of buying or selling a property, save yourself some time and headache and call Chris

Chris Brown
Odessa, Florida
July 25,2016