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Living with Florida Alligators – What Are The Dangers?

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on alligators and their behavior patterns. That’s why I’ve included a list of related links below for you to refer to. Alligators are beautiful creatures and they are one of Florida’s greatest attractions. If you spend a little time educating yourself on alligators, I think you’ll find that humans and alligators can happily co-exist together.

I’ve participated in just about every water sport one could possibly imagine since I was a just toddler. In my 30 some years of experience in sharing the fresh waters with alligators, not once have I had a close call or been threatened by an alligator. Although alligators are predators to most animals in the wild, humans are the ultimate predator. Alligators have a natural fear of humans (and for good reason). Out of ignorance, often times lakefront residents will take matters into their own hands and kill alligators that they perceive to be a threat to their family or pet. And in most cases, the alligator has not shown any aggression towards the human or their pet.

Alligators have been given a bad reputation because we (as humans) don’t respect the rules of nature. Humans cross the line when they attempt to tame an alligator. Feeding alligators or trying to make an alligator comfortable in the presence of humans is the biggest NO-NO humans can make. Alligators are wild creatures, and predators in nature. When humans cons crew with what is natural in nature, unnatural things are likely to happen (i.e…Alligator aggression or attacks on humans). Please take the time to educate yourself on the subject of alligators. Education is the key for humans to happily co-exist with this remarkable creature, “The Florida Alligator”.