Florida Lakefront Properties

Testimonial – Jonathan Houssian

We bought our lake home in Odessa through Chris, and then due to a very unexpected transfer with my work to Austin. TX, Chris sold our home one year later.

In searching for a lake home in Odessa, Chris simply was more connected and knew more than anyone else. My wife and I are both very tech savvy, and used Zillow, and other real estate sites heavily to screen and find homes. But Chris knew about the homes that were not listed yet, such as people “thinking” about selling, or the details about the sellers of homes that have on and off the market. He told us the details and background of the transactions that were outliers in value, either high or low, that gave us needed perspective that we could not get through technology. And Chris loves the water. He lives on a lake, loves to wake board. He truly understands the pro’s and con’s of each lake, and why we wanted to live on a lake. He gets it.

The home we bought through Chris, he knew about before it was listed. It was almost impossible to find a home with the specific schools we wanted to be in, on a lake, and in our price range. But Chris was tied into homes coming onto the market, and we were able to meet ALL of our criteria. We NEVER would have found this through technology alone.

When we unexpectedly needed to sell our lake home a year later, we talked to Chris before we had talked to anyone else about the possible move. We were able to sell our home in the time frame and price range that we had mapped out together.

Through both processes, Chris was very responsive, answering emails and phone calls at all hours of the day and night. And made both closings easy through the use of technology, which was vital with our VERY busy lifestyle with 6 children and running a fast growing business.

I write very few reviews for anything in my life, but would highly recommend Chris Johnson.

Jonathan Houssian
Odessa, Florida