Florida Lakefront Properties

Testimonial – William Hulton

Chris Johnson was recently involved in the sale/purchase of my home and property. As it is in many residential real estate transactions, they can be riddled with a multitude of challenges and barriers to bringing it to a close. My circumstances were no different. In addition, the process requires great attention to detail, timelines and personal interaction that demands tact, knowledge and efficiency. Throughout, Chris managed both buyer and seller expectations, kept all parties well informed and overcame the myriad of hurdles that inherently arise.

I encountered many less-than-qualified “professionals” during the disposition of my property and I can tell you without reservation, Chris is in a very small and elite group of individuals. Regardless if you are buying or selling, if you wish to have quality representation, you will be well served by partnering with Chris Johnson.

William Hulton
Odessa, Florida